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10 Years of Impact

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Illustration & Animation
CLIENT is a social impact organization that advocates and practices human-centered design. They recently celebrated their 10-year anniversary, where 72 solutions were launched in places of low opportunity and resources. I was asked to create a series of animated illustrations that represent their achievements and processes during their first decade. The color and playfulness of the visuals are meant to represent the hopeful and experimental nature of their process.

Art Direction by
Stories of Impact art by Kristin Riger
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Early iterations
10 Years of Impact Illustration draft 1
10 Years of Impact Illustration draft 2
Lesson illustrations Lesson One: Finding New Inroads to Wicked Problems Lesson Four: How Design Can Transform Organizations Lesson Two: The Alchemy of Impactful Innovation Lesson Three: What it Really takes to Design for Scale
Finding New Inroads to Wicked ProblemsThe Alchemy of Impactful InnovationHow Design Can Transform Organizations
Intro illustrations
an organization can more effectively meet the needs of a population it serves.
a parent has the tools and confidence to help their children thrive.
a girl can make a more informed decision about her health and life.
Although the impact of design can be difficult to measure, doing so is essential.
Stories of Impact
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